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One of the basic notions of the bulthaup philosophy involves having a clear enough view of the big picture so that we can let ourselves flow with the smallest details in our everyday lives: knowing how to live in the present, to look, to taste, smell, and feel. And to do it all without ceasing to dream of things to come.


Whoever enjoys running his finger along the edge of a bulthaup door with a walnut veneer finish, feeling its softness and its warmth, while breathing in the aroma of a boeuf bourgignon that simmers gently well into its second hour on the stove, will also know how to value the flavor of the reward for his patience. Whoever gazes at the diamonds of fat in a slice of Iberian ham anticipates how she will press it between her tongue and palate for a long moment, waiting for it to soften and melt. Whoever opens a bottle of a rising star of the Priorat region and sniffs the cork draws out the pleasure of waiting until that first sip once the dark wine has had a chance to breathe.


Thinking of all those of you who appreciate those little pleasures, in our Gourmet section we strive to offer you what others have found in their searches for different aromas and flavors, both new and tried-and-true. The gourmets who contribute to this blog are women and men from our bulthaup circle who, like you, know how to value the present, and who share their minor and major observations and recommendations with us here. We hope you enjoy reading them, finding out for yourselves, and fine-tuning your particular tastes.

interior Harina

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