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Southern flavor

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The coast of Málaga has countless spots where you can enjoy its cuisine and its people. The sense of humor, the hospitality, and the warmth of the malagueños allow visitors to experience all the different facets of the friendly, outgoing Mediterranean spirit: its beaches, its streets, its people, and the flavors in its gastronomy, which provides an exquisite combination of traditional cuisine and innovative explorations.

In Marbella, we highly recommend the Dani García Restaurant, boasting two Michelin stars and located inside the Hotel Puente Romano, and a venue with a new concept, Bibo Andalusian Brasserie & Tapas, both run by Dani García in Marbella. The contrasts within his traditional repertoire play with textures and with the opposition of different flavors and temperatures. The result is a brilliant cuisine that may throw you off at first, but then lures you into searching among your memories and ends up unleashing the pleasure of utter seduction. Dani is currently the most internationally renowned chef in Andalusia; critics rank him among the top ten Spanish chefs.

Following the coast to the Playa de Río Real beach, you won’t want to miss the Trocadero, where not only will you enjoy the gastronomy of its restaurant, which evokes the essence of the Mediterranean with a few touches of Asian fusion, but also its beach club, perfect for a relaxing day by the seaside. Decorated in African colonial style, both venues base their cuisine on the Mediterranean tradition: rice, fish, meat… All the dishes contain seasonal vegetables harvested from the Trocadero’s own organic garden.

Heading inland from the coastline, you can pull into Mijas, where you’ll wander through its whitewashed streets and enjoy its slow, old-fashioned pace, all the way to another gastronomic experience: the Mirlo Blanco, run for over 40 years by the members of the Auzmendi family, who continue to prepare traditional seasonal Basque cuisine with only the best ingredients. We highly recommend their txangurro (spider crab) and their kokotxas de bacalao (cod cheeks), to be savored with a bottle of excellent wine, and their elaborate homemade desserts.

And once you’re in Málaga, you wouldn’t want to miss El Pimpi. Founded in 1971, El Pimpi is one of the longest-standing bodegas in the city. Writer Antonio Gala led others, including Gloria Fuertes with her poetry readings, to turn the venue into the most iconic, famous tapas bar in the city. Even today, it continues to be popular among actors, poets, locals, and visitors who gather to enjoy its good food, local wines, tradition, and culture, but above all, of an authentic atmosphere. Its décor is based on flamenco and bullfighting themes, featuring a collection of vintage feria and bullfight posters. One of its best-known rooms is the Salón de los Barriles, whose barrels bear the signatures of famous names in the arts, flamenco, film, music, and politics. Today, El Pimpi combines two complementary and equally inviting places to meet: El Pimpi Bodega Bar and, next to it, El Pimpi Marinero, a contemporary cocktail and shellfish experience with spectacular views of the Alcazaba and the Roman Theater.

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