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bulthaup b3 living spaces

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bulthaup is renowned worldwide for creating architecture for living spaces that venture beyond the kitchen area. bulthaup sets new standards, creating innovations that are only comparable in form and function to the finest products that came out of the Bauhaus tradition. People who are uncompromising in terms of the aesthetics of functional design, material authenticity, quality craftsmanship, and technical precision seek original, timeless, lasting solutions. That was what we had in mind when we designed the bulthaup b3 system.

Sketch for Herbert H. Shultes

Sketch for Herbert H. Shultes

“Our idea was to address demographic change in western society by saving resources–in other words, reducing the volume of raw materials we used and the energy required for shipping them–and to highlight the sensuous and emotional components of a new system as well as its practical, functional merits.” Those are the words of Herbert H. Schultes, responsible of the bulthaup b3 design system, where the idea of “actively using the wall” is the core innovation.

The b3 system offers an incredibly wide range of versatile design options for perfect kitchens, as well as surprising solutions for functional and aesthetic changes to spaces that extend beyond the kitchen area. Combining functionality and ergonomics with minimalist, pure forms, bulthaup b3 not only creates precise functionality but also   boasts a sensuous, sculptural character. One of its basic principles involves doing away with hard-to-reach areas; instead, this system optimizes use of the space between the wall and base units. bulthaup b3 can be installed with wall-hung, floor-standing or       foot-supported units, depending on how much storage space is needed. All three installation options create the impression of a “floating” kitchen. bulthaup b3 is the design system that makes working and living in the kitchen easier and gives the entire space an elegant, lightweight, floating appearance.

The multi-functional wall is the structural base element and sturdy steel skeleton of the kitchen system. Absolutely everything–from cabinets and worktops, cooktops, water points, and appliances to myriad accessories–is hung from this wall. To make an entire kitchen “float,” it takes more than just wall anchors. The solution developed by bulthaup features a solid steel support framework that can hold up to 1,000 kg per meter and transfer the weight down the wall to the floor. This force is the equivalent to the weight of a limousine hung lengthwise and ensures more safety than any applicable standards require.

The bulthaup b3 design system features the unique language of form preferred by connoisseurs worldwide.

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bulthaup b3 3The quality is in the details:

formal clarity, precise craftsmanship and manufacturing

  • Boceto de Herbert H. Shultes
  • bulthaup b3 3
  • Boceto de Herbert H. Shultes

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